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Visitors Benefits

NEBU EXPO FOR GOLD & JEWELRY plans to be the MENA region’s most important International Trade Exhibition specializing in the gold and jewelry business segment. The exhibition showcases the latest production lines, featuring cutting-edge innovations across all sectors. Its innovative showcasing, networking, and matchmaking format make it a unique platform to access the Egyptian mega-market and the MENA region’s booming gold and jewelry industries.

Capitalize on the opportunity to

  • Get offerings from over 150 companies in one place.
  • Discover the latest trends and innovations in the gold and Jewelry industry.
  • Acquire new business partners.
  • Meet with industry leaders in the sectors you are interested in.
  • Sign a contract on favorable terms.
  • Negotiate the best payment and delivery terms.
  • Expand your network of prospective business affiliates.
  • Upgrade your business with the latest market insights.
  • Learn industry tips and secrets from seasoned experts.

Visitor Profiles


Qualified Trade Buyers
Hosted Buyers
Retailers/ Wholesalers
Boutique Owners
Jewelry Connoisseur
Fashion Experts

Contract Manufacturers
Importers / Exporters
Jewelry Manufacturers
Diamond Gemstone & Pearl Suppliers
Diplomats and Foreign Dignitaries
High Net Consumers and Buyers
Jewelry and Gold Collectors

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